Classification of Tablets Pharmaceutics Notes.

Types of Tablets- 

Tablets are classified according to their route of administration.The following are the main classification groups.
Classification of tablets, pharmaceuts notes


(A) Tablets ingested orally-

(1) Compressed tablets (CT) :

These tablets are uncoated and made by compression of granules.These tablets are usually intended to provide rapid disintegration and drug release.

(2) Multiple compressed tablets (MCT) :

These tablets are prepared to separate physically or chemically incompitable ingredients or to produce prolonged action products.

(3) Multilayered tablets :

These tablets are consists of two or more layers of materials compressed succisevely in the same tablets.The colour of each layer may be same or different.The tablets having layer of different color known as "multicolored tablets".

(4) Enteric coated tablets :

These are the compressed tablets and administrate orally .They are pass through the stomach and disintegrate in intestine.

(5) Sugar coated tablets:

The compressed tablets having a sugar coating are called sugar coated tablet.sugar coating is done to mark the bitter and unpleasent taste.

(6) Film coated tablets :

The compressed tablets having a film coating of some polymer substance such as hydroxypropyl cellulose, ethyl cellulose etc. The film coating protects the medicament from atmospheric effects. 

(B) Tablets used to prepare solutions :

(1) Effervescent tablets :

This type of tablets when added in water they produces effervescencent.So this type of tablets dissolved rapidly in water due to the chemical reaction which generally takes place between the alkali bicarbonate and citric acid.

(2) Hypodermic tablets :

This type of tablets are composed of one or more drugs with water soluble ingredients . These tablets are dissolved in sterile water or water for injection and administrate through parenteral route.

(C) Tablets used in oral cavity :

(1) Bucal tablets :

Bucal tablets are placed between the gums and lips because they are directly absorbed . e.g. tablets of ethisterone.

(2) Sublingual tablets :

These tablets are to be placed under the tongue where they dissolve or disintegrate quickly and are absorbed directly without passing in to GIT. eg . Tablets of glyceryl trinitrite.
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