Tuberculosis and ItsTransmission and prevention , B pharmacy notes

Tuberculosis :

Tuberculosis is a communicable disease caused by a bacteria called mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Tuberculosis, communicable disease

Symptoms :

Prolonged cough,rise of temperature in the evening,loss of weight,loss of appetite etc.

Source of infection :

The main source of infection is the sputum of a patient suffering from tuberculosis.

Transmission :

Tuberculosis is mainly an air borne infection.It is transmited by droplet infection and droplet nuclei.Coughing generates large number of droplets of all size.It is also transmited by fomities such as dishes or other articles used by tuberculosis patients.

The other factors which transmits tuberculosis are -

1.  Coming in contact with the sputum of a tuberculosis patient.
2.  Drinking unboiled milk of an infected cow.
3.  Flies which transmit the Infection by contaminating food.
4.  Poverty,overcrowding and poor ventilation.

Prevention and Control :

1.  Early detection of cased by microscopic examination of sputum or chest x-ray.
2.  Preventive treatment with drugs like ING Plus ethambutol.
3.  Treatment of infected patients with suitable drugs like rifampicin and streptomycin.
4.  Immunisation with BCG Vaccination.
5.  Rehavilation of the patient by pro iding work which will suits his abilities.

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