Dosage Form and classification of Dosage form, pharmaceuts notes

Dosage form :

Dosage form is a combination of the drug and different kinds of non drug components called exipients or additive.
Dosage form, Classification of Dosage form

Classification of dosage form :

1.  Solid dosage form 
2.  Liquid dosage form
3.  Semi solid dosage form

1.  Solid dosage form :

The solid dosage form are available mostly in unit dosage form such as tablets, pills, capsules etc.
Some solids are packed and supplied in bulk. The bulk form meant for internal use which are supplied as granules or fine powders. 

Dusting powders :

These are applied to the skin and are generally applied in a very fine subdivision to avoid local irritation.
Dusting powders are two types -
1.  Medical
2.  Surgical

Medical :

Medical dusting powders are also called medicated dusting powder. They are used in topical part of the skin. Medicated dusting powder must be sterile before use.

Surgical :

Surgical dusting powders are ued in surgery and it is also used in the body cavities and wounds.

Granules :

Some of the bitter , unpleasant and nausea producing powders can not be ued in the form of tablets or capsules. So these are used in the form of granules.

Effervescent Granules :

The effervescent granules are especially prepared solid dosage form of medicament meant for internal use. They contain a medicament mixed with citric acid, tartaric acid and sodium bicarbonate.Before administration the desired quantity is dissolved in water, the acid and water react together and form effervescent.It produces carbon dioxide which stimulates the flow of gastric juices.

Tablets :

These are solid dosage of medicament which are prepared by compression certain exipients also added to the medicament in the formulation of tablets.

Capsules :

The capsule are solid unit dosage form in which or or more medicaments and inert substances are enclosed with a small shell, generally prepared from a suitable form of gelatin.

Pills :

Pills are small, rounded, solid dosage form containg medicament and are intended to be administrated orally. The medicaments are mixed with exipients to form a plastic firm. The mass is rolled to uniform pill pipe, which is cut in to a number of pills.

Liquid dosage forms :

Liquid dosage form are represented by true or colloidal solution. The component of the solution which is present in a large number called solvent. And which is present in small number called solute.

Syrup :

Simple syrup is a saturated solution of sucrose in purified water. The syrups are sweet viscous preparations. The syrup containing medicinal substance are called medicated syrup. And those containing flavour are called flavour syrup.

Elixir :

Elixir are generally two types , medicated elixir and non medicated elixir. These are sweet aromatic preparation it contains ethyl alcohol,water and glycerin.The medicated elixir contains some potent drug but non medicated elixir contains flavouring agent.

Lotions :

Lotions are applied directly to the skin with the help of cotton.  They are liquid preparations. Lotions are used for cooling, soothing and protective purposes.

Semi solid dosage form :

Semi solid dosage form are mainly meant for external application e.g. Ointments, creams etc.

Creams :

These are viscous semi solid emulsions which are meant for external application. The creams are of two types aqous and oilly creams. 

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